Welcome to Align Care

Align Care is a management services organization that coordinates with health, dental and mental care providers to serve the long term care industry. Traditionally there has been a gap between the institutionalized geriatric population and the care services that they need. The elderly found it difficult to identify the services they needed, were confused by the method of obtaining services and challenged by the inability to travel.

Modern health care is built on the model where patient comes to the provider. Often this is the most effective use of the provider’s and patient’s time. The exception is fragile elderly patients living in long term care facilities.

Align Care’s purpose is to provide a streamlined framework where geriatric patients and health care providers efficiently and effectively interact.

Align Care brings health care professionals and their patients that live in long term care communities together. This is accomplished by teaming with health professionals in a host of different disciplines in each community. Align Care is a health care management system that creates clear communication between the physician and nursing home staff as well as the resident family.

Long Term Care facilities who work with with Align Care have the advantage of having a variety health disciplines at their facility on a consistent basis. Align Care assists in the coordination and administration of bringing those professionals on site to deliver the services residents need.